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(Brought to you by Rob Dunn, a member of the Super6Power Team.)

What is the Super6Power Stimulus Plan?

What is a 'Stimulus Plan'?

Any properly executed 'stimulus plan' would give the average American more money-in-pocket to pay off debt and provide for purchasing more than the bare necessities.

Any properly executed 'stimulus plan' would NOT result in borrowing-from-Peter-to-pay-Paul or in any higher taxes in the future.

Any properly executed 'stimulus plan' would enhance the average American's way of life and financial stability, while being easy to do.

Let's look at the government's 'Stimulus Plan' first!

The government only has your hard-earned taxes to work with. All that money (and more) is already allocated for ongoing programs, including paying off national debt.

Any monies 'found' for a national stimulus plan will come at the expense of ongoing programs, i.e., something will have to be cut back to pay for it, or will only increase the national debt - already at $17 Trillion or about $160,000 per taxpayer ($51,000 per citizen!) at the time of this writing!

The government's stimulus plan is akin to you getting a new credit card in the mail - you get an easy $2,000 but you will HAVE TO EVENTUALLY PAY IT BACK - and at an even higher interest rate than you are currently paying!

So what would be a better 'Stimulus Plan'?

A much better stimulus plan would be one that uses current financial activity, in a new way, to put some of the monies already in circulation directly into the hands of the American taxpayer, instead of elsewhere.

YES, this requires a mind-shift on your part!

To put it simply, more Americans need to become involved in the distribution of goods and services that everyone already pays for!

How is it possible for more Americans to be involved in the distribution of goods?

Simple. By realizing that there is an alternate product distribution method to the one you see every day, i.e., the one where product moves from manufacturer to distribution center warehouse (and often to other intermediate centers) to retailer to consumer. This traditional method involves massive dollars spent at these different staging points, as well as on advertising and promotion.

The alternate method is to ship directly from the manufacturer to the consumer, with consumers purchasing on the recommendation of a friend. That is called 'advertising by word-of-mouth'. A growing number of manufacturers are willing to take the savings (from not having the expense of staging products and from not having to advertise) and pay those savings to those who help the company reach consumers.

Money? Super6Power Team says YES!

Hmmm, so how does this 'Super6Power Home Financial Stimulus Plan' fit into all of this?

The Super6Power Team (S6PT) works with one of the manufacturing company that supports this alternative distribution method. The company, Jerky Direct, is the premier producer of one of the most popular high-protein, low-fat snacks in America. You don't see television commercials for it because it is only available from one of those people I talked about - who are helping the company distribute products by using word-of-mouth advertising.

You can be one of those people! And you'll get paid for your assistance!

Moreover, you are never required to 'sell' any products, either! (Some people do, though, because that is one of the ways to earn more money!)

Wait a minute - How can someone like me help distribute the products without needing to 'sell' the products?

That's easy. Jerky Direct and our Super6Power Team don't want salespeople - we only want people to share information with others about the products and the opportunity. (We do NOT want you to buy large lots of product and have it sit in your garage!)

When you introduce a friend or acquaintance to the product, that person easily orders directly from the manufacturer and the manufacturer ships directly to any US address of their choice (even APO/FPO)!

When they order, they must use a code that identifies you as the person who referred them. By maintaining a small monthly product purchase yourself, you will earn a percentage on all the product that they purchase!

But this sounds difficult. Is it?

Absolutely not! It is no more difficult than telling a friend about a great restaurant you found or about a great movie you saw!

It IS true that many companies like this DO want you to become a 'salesperson', but not Jerky Direct or the Super6Power Team. Why? Because 95% of all people fail at 'sales'!

As a matter of fact, the main reason our team (S6PT) was formed was to help ANYONE succeed at this business - by giving you simple ways (like this web page and the printable document below) to invite people to take a look at the products and the potential of this opportunity, instead of requiring you to 'sell' product!

We have a system that we use to help ANYONE easily achieve success! That includes YOU!

It's called FUSS... (it's Fun, it's Unique, it's Simple, and we give you lots of Support)!

Hmmm, no 'selling' - I like that. How do I find out more?

You were invited to this page by Rob Dunn, a member of Jerky Direct and the S6PT and you are now invited to take their short 'tour' that explains it all in much more detail.

Go to Super6Power.com/wisechoice today - fill out the form to learn more about Jerky Direct (the company) and Super6Power Team (our marketing team)!

Thank you for your interest in the Super6Power Home Financial Stimulus Plan and Congratulations on deciding to improve YOUR financial stability!

Here's to YOUR success!

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